Televes to showcase TForce and MosaiQ6

Technology provider Televes will use ANGA COM to showcase TForce, the technology developed by Televes to design, manufacture and assemble MMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits) components.

With this technology, according to Televes, the company has taken a qualitative leap in electronic miniaturisation and will develop a new generation of products.

The first result is the DAT Boss TForce antenna, which delivers the largest dynamic range seen to date, and a 27% increase in coverage area, according to Televes.

MMICs overcome the limitations of silicon microchips and opens a new era through the design of integrated circuits that operate in the microwave frequency, according to Televes. These types of circuits are based on semiconductor compounds, such as Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), which downsize dramatically, up to 1-10 mm2.

Making components with this technology has been extremely challenging, according to the company. The placement of MMIC components can only tolerate positional margins of less than 5 microns and deviations in soldering times of less than 100 milliseconds. It also requires control of ambient temperature and humidity parameters while mounting the components onto the printed circuit boards.

According to Televes, the development of TForce means that dependence on third party microchip manufacturers is avoided, and limits on functionality and specifications are no longer driven by the availability of components in the market.

The company says that the TForce technology will also enhance its diversification, giving it the ability to develop products for very competitive and highly demanding sectors such as aeronautics, health, energy and automotive.

The other big announcement from Televes at ANGA COM is the worldwide debut of the MosaiQ6 field spectrum analyzer. MosaiQ6 allows the configuration of six real time screens simultaneously, according to the company. This development is fruit of the Televes commitment to field spectrum analyzers, having been the first to incorporate digital processing in a portable meter in 2008, Televes said.

For TV distribution, Televes will complete its range of T.0X headends with the launch of HEXA, a line of compact transmodulators that can allocate up to six satellite transponders into six independent QAM channels. The company will also announce new references for NevoSwitch multiswitches for potential scenarios involving the transition from DVB-T to DVB-T2.

Televes’ technical director Justo Rodal will also present the definition of an ‘intelligent building’ as an integral part of a Smart City at ANGA COM.

Televes will exhibit at ANGA COM in Hall 10.2, Stand D21

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