Video will give Twitter ‘leadership position’

Twitter_logo_blueVideo, and in particular real-time video, will help give Twitter a “unique leadership position” in helping brands reach their target audiences and is the central pillar of the company’s strategy, according to Parminder Singh, managing director of Twitter India, South-East Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

In an interview with Business Today India, Singh said that the social networking site had seen a 400% increase in video consumption in India last year.

He said that putting video “on top” of the real-time, public and conversational nature of the platform gave Twitter a unique position in enabling brands to engage with their target audiences.

He cited features such as ‘flock to unlock’, where new product videos are ‘unlocked’ based on the number of retweets they receive, Firstview, where brands can reserve a prime video slot on the site for 24 hours, and conversational video, where videos are provided with a button to enable easy sharing of the content, as examples of the company’s innovation with video formats.

Singh said that the company would continue to focus on “real-time video, live video” to make its platform more compelling to advertisers.

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