Netia makes TV service available for free to drive take-up

Polish service provider Netia is making its TV service free of charge until the end of the year as a promotional offer.

In addition to offering its Telewizji Osobistej service at no charge until the end of 2016, the operator will also provide a bundle of internet plus TV for up to PLN15 (€3.40) less than its offer for internet on it sown.

After the end end of the promotional period, subscribers will be charged the standard price of PLN35 for the TV service.

Michał Zawadzki, director of marketing and business development at Netia, said that the new offering and associated marketing campaign would engage customers and help the operator reach a new, broader audience for TV services.

Paweł Masiukiewicz, manager. marketing communications, said that Netia was also experimenting with interactive online advertising formats to improve engagement.

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