DTVE in conversation with Anvato on OTT: The Next Phase

Matt Smith

Matt Smith

At ANGA COM on June 8, attendees are invited to a special event featuring Matt Smith, chief evangelist at online video provider and specialist in live streaming, OTT monetisation and live-to-VoD workflows Anvato, in conversation with Digital TV Europe editor Stuart Thomson.

This free event, OTT TV – the Next Phase, to be held in the Dorint Hotel opposite the conference centre on June 8 at 16:45, will look at the changing needs of video consumers and OTT providers in an ever-more competitive world.

The discussion will focus on the evolution of OTT TV to embrace live services, as well as initiatives to make money from services through targeted advertising, and the emergence of new formats such as 360° video.

The pair will discuss some of the key developments in OTT video over the last year – such as a growing interest in live TV, new formats, and the growing pressure on OTT providers to make money – as well as the challenges in delivering a mix of live and on-demand content economically.

The discussion will also touch on the challenges in delivering formats such as UHD TV and 360° video over OTT networks, how far along OTT providers are in realising the full advertising revenue potential of the content they publish, how TV operators can most effectively deliver TV Everywhere OTT services to complement their mainstream pay TV offerings and more.

To register your interest, click here or contact Patricia Arescy at: [email protected]

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