Humax adds Netflix to Freeview Play DVRs

Humax freeview playSet-top box maker Humax has added Netflix to its range of FVP-4000T Freeview Play HD devices.

This line of DVRs were the first to deliver the Freeview Play connected TV service, which offers a combination of on-demand services, catch-up TV and live television.

Humax said that current owners of the Humax FVP-4000T will automatically receive an over-the-air update to add the Netflix app to their box.

“With the ever-increasing ‘binge-watching’ phenomenon, where entire series are consumed with no interruptions or commercial breaks, we have witnessed a dramatic revolution in viewing habits over the past two to three years,” said Humax commercial director, Graham North.

“With the Netflix app fully integrated into the Humax FVP-4000T home page, our customers will now benefit from a seamless, ‘watch instantly’ streaming experience and an exceptional, diverse choice of entertainment options with unlimited hours of extra programming – in addition to the extensive range of on-demand and subscription-free services already on offer to them.”

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