TF1 agrees new deal with French producers

French broadcaster TF1 has agreed a new deal with local producers’ organisations that will see it commit to spending up to 12.5% of its advertising revenues on French-produced content over the next four years.

TF1 will commit to spending 36% of its total programming investment on ‘dependent’ content, with a 26% ceiling placed on content supplied by its own subsidiaries. The remaining 10% of ‘dependent’ productions will provide a degree of flexibility to enable it to acquire extensive rights for linear and non-linear distribution from independent producers.

TF1 will devote the remaining 64% of its content spend to independent productions from companies in which it has no ownership stake, including for non-linear distribution.

The broadcaster signed the deal with producers’ groups SATEV, SEDPA, SPECT, SPFA, SPI and USPA this morning at the French ministry of culture and communication.

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