Vodafone reveals more details of video ambitions

VodafoneVodafone plans to launch a cloud-based TV service in the UK and Italy this year that can be ported to multiple markets, and is also planning to ensure that mobile video services are available wherever it offers mobile voice, according to chief technology officer Johan Wibergh.

Speaking on an analyst call after Vodafone reported its full-year results, Wibergh said that Vodafone would introduce its cloud-based TV service this year, delivering services from its private cloud to low-cost boxes.

He said that the product could be deployed once and then subsequently sold “in many markets”.

Wibergh also said that Vodafone would upgrade its cable networks to DOCSIS 3.1 and use next-generation PON technology on its fibre networks to deliver “multi-gigabit speeds”.

Referring to Vodafone’s mobile business, Wibergh said that the company’s goal was to have video available everywhere that voice is available, with a “continuous experience” of around 10Mbps.

Also speaking on the call, Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao said that Vodafone was now “the fastest-growing fixed broadband provider in Europe by quite a distance”, with 21% of the company’s revenues now coming from its fixed networks.

Colao said that on mobile, Vodafone was now delivering 3Mbps or above on 91% of its data sessions, meaning that it could support video.

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