Kaltura launches Video Platform as a Service

Ron Yekutiel

Ron Yekutiel

Technology provider Kaltura has launched the Kaltura Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS), which it describes as “the world’s first specialized cloud video service, enabling organizations to build and rapidly deploy any video application, workflow and experience”.

According to Kaltura, VPaaS lets software-as-a-service providers, integrators, in-house teams in large organizations and developers to quickly add video capabilities and integrate video as a native data type into existing platforms and workflows by using the Kaltura APIs, SDKs and developer tools for their specific needs.

The company says that VPaaS is infrastructure-agnostic and is available immediately as a public, private or hybrid cloud deployment.

“Video is a new data type. It is the biggest data asset in the cloud as measured by storage, bandwidth and computing resources. Until today there has not been a cloud offering that provides a self-service platform with elastic flexibility coupled with the end-to-end capabilities needed to handle video as a native asset – from ingestion through enrichment, delivery, analytics and experience – while allowing developers to easily tackle the challenges of dealing with video at scale, and tightly integrated within their systems,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura co-founder, xhairman and CEO.

“With Kaltura VPaaS, customers as diverse as integrators, technology providers, SaaS companies, tech and media start-ups, media companies, telcos, retailers, insurance companies, and healthcare organizations can streamline and then accelerate their use of video quickly and cost-effectively using one single video platform that caters to all use cases.”

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