Euronews taps Alterna’TV for Lat Am push

AlternaTVEuronews is tapping Thema-owned Alterna’TV to help it build distribution in Latin America.

Canal+ Group-owned Thema recently acquired Alterna’TV, which specializes in representing channels from Latin America, mostly in the US market.

Patrick Rivet, senior vice-president of distribution at Thema said that Alterna’TV “has worked tirelessly to build, develop and maintain strong, mutually beneficial relationships with operators and distribution platforms throughout the Americas by bringing excitingly fresh content that speaks to today’s global village viewers”.

He said that Thema had a goal of increasing Alterna’TV’s content offeriings, “bringing more interesting and relevant programming like Euronews to viewers in the Latin American and U.S. marketplace, which in turn paves the way for more European and global content and channels down the road”.

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