DNA claims DOCSIS 3.1 speed record

DNAFinnish cable and telecom operator DNA has claimed a European speed record for DOCSIS 3.1-based broadband as it launches the new platform.

The operator said it achieved a speed of 3.055gbps at the launch of its next-generation DNA Valokuitu Plus fibre-rich cable network.

DNA has said it will bring broadband speeds of up to 1Gpbs to half a million homes this year.

According to the company, no other operator has delivered broadband speeds of 3.055Gbps in a normal live environment, where the network is accessible by customers under normal, rather than controlled test, conditions.

DNA’s partners in the speed record demonstration were network technology company Casa Systems and modem manufacturer Sagemcom.

“DNA Valokuitu Plus is the first step in making top broadband speeds easily available to hundreds of thousands of people in Finland. The network utilises Docsis 3.0 technology. The speed record was broken with the next-generation Docsis 3.1 technology. In a few years, connection speeds of up to ten Gigabits, as seen in the speed record event, will be available to all households connected to our cable network,” said DNA’s head of product development Ville Partanen.

“We are very proud of our speed record, and of our ability to introduce the Gigabit top speed to many Finnish households this year. We will soon see even more ground-breaking developments when the broadband speeds of several Gigabits, similar to the one we launched today, will bring about the final breakthrough of the Internet of Things and 4K video.”

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