Netflix introduces mobile data controls internationally

netflixYard_BenchMale_shot1-0041_V_FINALNetflix has announced it is globally rolling out a new tool designed to help users better control how much data they use when they stream content over mobile networks.

Users will now be able to set their mobile data usage by using the app settings menu on updated versions of the iOS and Android Netflix app – letting them specify whether they have high or low data usage caps.

“Our goal is to give you more control and greater choice in managing your data usage whether you’re on an unlimited mobile plan or one that’s more restrictive,” said Netflix director of product innovation, Eddy Wu.

Netflix said that the default setting will let users stream about three hours of TV shows and movies per gigabyte of data, which in terms of bitrates amounts to roughly 600 Kilobits per second.

“Our testing found that, on cellular networks, this setting balances good video quality with lower data usage to help avoid exceeding data caps and incurring overage fees,” said Wu.

Netflix first announced plans to launch this  “data saver” feature for its mobile apps back in March.

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