ABI Research: China the largest market for streaming devices

Michael Inouye

Michael Inouye

China remains the largest single market for streaming media adapters, even though restrictions on some domestic content and services have impacted growth. 

According to ABI Research, streaming sticks in China are less popular than streaming boxes or pucks because the pricing of these device types is relatively similar.

The research firm also said that even though a ban on console gaming was recently lifted in China, PC, online and mobile gaming will remain more popular, making it difficult for these streaming platforms to differentiate themselves.

“While gaming is challenging, 4K is becoming an easy way for competitors to differentiate their offerings and to create pricing tiers within the companies’ product portfolios,” said ABI Research principal analyst, Michael Inouye.

“China again leads the 4K market in this regard, with Roku, Amazon, and Nvidia all adding 4K boxes to their product portfolios. Future applications like smart home integration could expand the market’s potential, but there will continue to be strong competition from existing connected devices.”

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