BBC Trust clears Freesat to offer live pay sports

The BBC Trust has cleared UK subscription-free satellite TV service, Freesat, to offer live pay sports services over broadband.

Freesat said the decision would help “ongoing conversations with content providers”, with managing director Alistair Thom describing it as a “really important development for Freesat”.

“We’re here to provide a compelling subscription-free TV service, and believe our viewers should have the option to watch a wide variety of TV programmes and events without being tied down to a contract,” said Thom.

Freesat claims to offer more than 200 channels and a number of leading on demand services – such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer – via its platform, and says its focus it on “integrated content delivered via broadcast and broadband”.

Freesat is jointly-owned by the BBC and ITV, which means the BBC Trust’s approval is required in order for it to offer live pay sports coverage.

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