Hisense adds button on smart TVs

Hisense has partnered with to offer direct access to the on-demand film and TV via from a button on the remote control of its new smart TVs.

The button will be include in the remotes of Hisense’s newly-designed 2016 smart TV models. Sets sold in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Ireland and Australia will have the button included by May.

Wuaki said that the deal will later extend to other countries where it plans to operate this year, which include the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Switzerland.

“This agreement positions as a pioneer in 4K content propositions in Europe and also presents a very unique user experience to Hisense Smart TV users”, said Jacinto Roca, CEO and Founder of

Hanson Han, deputy general manager of Hisense international and general manager for Hisense Europe, added: “This partnership is a new step to position Hisense ahead competition in European countries. It will allow us to provide a multitude of 4K contents to Hisense UHD TV owners and bring our Smart TV in a new era.”

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