Traditional media brands find Snapchat Discover success

Snapchat DiscoverUS millennials usually view well-established media brands on Snapchat Discover, rather than media that targets their generation, according to Futurescape.

The research firm said that its survey of 1,117 US Snapchat users will “reassure major media owners that their brands and content continue to be relevant to teen and young adult audiences” on the mobile social network.

According to the study millennial-focused news publisher Buzzfeed is the “one siginificant exception” as this leads the way with 54% of respondents saying they usually view its Snapchat Discover stories.

However, the next most-viewed media brands on the platform are well-known TV networks and magazines – such as Comedy Central (44%), iHeartRadio (32%), Food Network (31%) and ESPN (27%).

“While the leading media owners will be pleased with the findings, the opposite is true for the startup media brands which specifically target millennials, but are being much less viewed on Snapchat,” said Futurescape.

The research found that news publishers Vice, Vox and the ABC/Disney-Univision joint-venture Fusion were only accessed by 11%, 9% and 7% of respondents respectively on Snapchat Discover.

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