Two thirds of US web homes watch TV while using second-screen

Glenn Hower

Glenn Hower

Some 65% of US broadband households engage in at least one “second-second screen activity” per month while watching TV, according to Parks Associates.

The research firm said that the most popular second screen activity – done from a smartphone, tablet or laptop – is searching for information about a programme that’s being watched.

Searching for a product or information about a service after seeing an ad was next most popular among those using second screens, followed by reading live tweets about a show and watching online videos related to the TV content they are watching.

“Most consumers favour a passive second-screen experience that complements the already immersive first-screen experience versus the highly interactive apps that typified the first phase of second-screen solutions,” said Glenn Hower, Research Analyst, Parks Associates.

“Second-screen users are more likely to engage in supplemental activities, like looking up information while they watch TV, as opposed to social media activities. These types of apps open new partnership opportunities among content providers, data aggregators, advertisers, and service providers.”

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