T-Hrvatski Telekom adds Fight Channel

FIGHTCHANNEL LOGOCroatian telco T-Hrvatski Telekom has added Fight Channel Group’s Fight Channel and Fight Channel World HD services to its programming line-up.

The move means that the telco’s subscribers will be able to access exclusive live boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts fight events via Fight Channel’s pay-per-view service.

Fight Channel, which will be part of the telco’s basic package, is fully localised in Croatian and has exclusive content rights across the former Yugoslavia. The latest launch means that the service is available on all major platforms in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia, according to the company.

Fight Channel Word HD, which will be part of T-Hrvatski Telekom’s Sport Plus package, is delivered worldwide in English in HD quality and offers different fighting brands than Fight Channel.  The channel is currently present platforms in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Bulgaria, South Africa, Australia, Philippines and the Czech Republic, with the aim of significantly widening its footprint by the end of the year.

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