Vice targets native ads for Viceland network

VicelandVice Media and A+E Networks’ new US TV network, Viceland, will reportedly run less traditional adverts and up the amount of native ad content on the channel to appeal to its young demographic.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Vice’s chief creative officer and the co-president of Viceland, Eddy Moretti said: We are trying to displace the clutter by injecting some humanity and authenticity… If we create a user experience that is more engaging than what else is on the dial, people won’t flip.”

Viceland will look to have roughly half its ad inventory as native ads, often made by Vice itself, that are made to look like editorial content, according to the WSJ.  It will reportedly aim to carry roughly only half of the 18 minutes of ads per hour that most cable networks run.

Viceland started broadcasting in the US yesterday. The 24-hour youth-oriented channel was first confirmed by A+E Networks and Vice in November.

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