Hispasat redesignates satellites

Hispasat's control centre

Hispasat’s control centre

Spanish satellite operator Hispasat is renaming its satellites to establish a more logical system of designation based on location and order of arrival in that slot.

Satellites that changes position will be redesignated according to their new slot.

The change means that Hispasat 1C will become Hispasat 84W-1, while the two satellites at 30° West, Hispasat 1D, 1E and 1F, will become, respectively, Hispasat 30W-4, Hispasat 30W-5 and Hispasat 30W-6.

Hispasat AG1 at 36° West, will be known as Hispasat 36W-1.

Intelsat 34, for which Hispasat has a capacity agreement with Intelsat, will be known as Hispasat 55W-2.

Hispasat’s Amazonas satellites will retain their existing designation, although Amazonas 4A will now be known as Amazonas 4.

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