Voddler teams up with Conviva for emerging markets

Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis

Cloud TV specialist Voddler has teamed up with data analytics provider Conviva to integrate its VoddlerNet peer-assisted video delivery system with Conviva’s Precision and Experience Insights paltforms to improve the experience of receiving video over the web in emerging markets.

VoddlerNet is a hybrid platform that combines controlled peer-assisted delivery with direct streaming from the source provider. Precision is part of Conviva’s Intelligent Control Platform, which gathers continuous telemetry from billions of streams, allowing it to build a real-time performance map of the Internet and enable it to optimise both the streaming configuration of the source of a user’s video content and the choice of CDN.

The integration of Conviva Experience Insights adds real-time Quality of Experience metrics to the joint solution, enabling customers to ensure that expectations from consumers are being met, according to the pair.

“Conviva is the perfect partner for Voddler, because both companies share a passion for quality of experience,” said Adam Lewis, CEO of Voddler Group.

“They have taken their expertise in measuring quality of service and quality of experience, and built onto it products that react to the insights their analytics provide. VoddlerNet’s ability to continuously adjust for every service subscriber even during periods of high demand or for users without the best quality broadband service allows us to ensure the highest possible video quality and viewing experience at all times.”

Lisa Loe, VP of worldwide channels at Conviva, added, “Marrying our analytics and optimised video streaming configurations with VoddlerNet provides a more streamlined solution that ensures the best viewing supplemented by traditional CDN services. Our combined solution uses analytics to ensure that the most resilient and best performing path is used to reach more customers, helping to ease congestion during peak traffic times. Together we guarantee the best possible viewing experience, all the way from the service provider to the end user on any device, leading to increased engagement.”

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