IPTV growth accelerates in Russia

Russian flagSolid IPTV growth helped boost Russia’s pay TV market last year, with an increase of IPTV customers in the order of over 20% lifed the total number of IPTV customers to over 5.52 million, according to research by TMT-Consulting.

While IPTV growth accelerated, growth in satellite TV customers was half that of 2014, according to the group. Overall ,the Russian pay TV base grew by 3.7% to 39.4 million, according to the report.

Rostelecom accounted for most of the growth in IPTV subscribers, thanks in part to its extension of the availability of high-speed internet services to communities in rural areas. Cable subscribers declined by 1.5%, according to TMT-Consulting.

Overall, cable accounted for 46% of Russia’ spay TV homes at the end of last year, compared with 40% for satellite and 14% for IPTV.