SCTE US and UK sign pact to ‘address brand confusion’

Michael Thornton

Michael Thornton

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE US) and the Society for Broadband Professionals (SCTE UK) have signed a memorandum of understanding, designed to “address brand confusion”.

The pact will address confusion between the two SCTE brands and lay the foundations for developing a longer-term relationship between the two technical education organisations and their affiliated brands, according to the two societies.

Together, the organisations said they plan to increase the quality of training outcomes for the benefit of the cable broadband community worldwide.

“Our two societies share a common goal of improving engineering standards and skills throughout our industry. Eliminating confusion between our brands is the first step towards global collaboration that can help the industry to maintain – and even increase – its competitive edge,” said Michael Thornton, president, Society for Broadband Professionals.

Currently, the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers operates globally via the International Society of Broadband Experts (ISBE). The Society for Broadband Professionals operates globally and conducts training through Broadband Training Limited (BTL).

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