DTVE Survey: global OTT, mobile connectivity and convergence to have biggest impact on video business

pOFC-DTVE-Survey-2016The launch of new globally-distributed online video services by companies including Apple and Google, the expansion of mobile connectivity and bandwidth globally, and the development of converged offerings by large services providers are the trends likely to have the biggest impact on the digital video business over the next two years, according to the Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2016.

A clear majority of respondents have faith that the pay TV business will continue to prosper over the next couple of years, but the majority of these – 46% of the total – believe that it will experience only moderate growth, with some modest negative impact from competitive pressures such as OTT and price erosion.

Only 12% believe the pay TV business is set for continued strong growth and will experience little negative impact from these factors.

A third of respondents believe that pay TV is set for very modest or zero growth over the next two years, as competitive pressures begin to bite, while a further 9% believe the business is set for negative growth, with pay TV operators facing serious challenges.

These are just a handful of the findings from the DTVE Industry Survey report, which surveyed the views of 375 industry leaders and experts on a range of key topics. The most wide-ranging survey Digital TV Europe has ever carried out, the report has detailed statistics and analysis of industry leaders’ views on the overall industry landscape, OTT, the TV experience, UHD TV, TV everywhere and big data.

To download a free copy of the full report, click here.

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