Teleste and Samsung team up to target hospitality market

TelesteFinland-based cable and telco equipment provider Teleste has struck a deal with Samsung to target the hospitality market.

The oint Telest-Samsung offering will use Teleste’s DOCSIS Access Hub, the DAH100, and Samsung’s DOCSIS HE694 HTV televisions to bring high-speed, broadband-level Internet access to guest rooms over existing coaxial cabling, according to Teleste.

The solution provides high-speed Internet to each guest room and allows guests to use applications and various interactive services on their in-room smart TVs. In addition, the solution enables guests to connect their own personal smartphones and tablets to the Internet through the smart television’s wireless access point.

Teleste’s DAH100 extends the IP network to more than 250 guest rooms simultaneously over existing in-house coaxial cabling. Within each room, an Internet access point is provided via the embedded cable modem in the Samsung DOCSIS HE694 HTV television set. By consolidating IP-based services into the existing coaxial network rather than implementing new cabling, Teleste claims that hotel operators can reduce connectivity expenses by up to 80%.

“Traditionally, hospitality industry service providers have built separate networks for delivering cable TV and IP-based services, such as guest Internet access, OTT and video-on-demand. This has, in many cases, made it considerably slower and more costly for them to accommodate full IP service delivery,” said Jonathan Rigby, director of Hospitality and AV Solutions for Teleste Corporation. “In cooperation with Samsung Electronics, we are delighted to offer the Hospitality industry a solution that makes it quick and cost-efficient to invest in premium-quality IP service delivery by utilizing existing coaxial infrastructures.”

Damon Crowhurst, Samsung’s European display organisation business development director, said: “We are pleased that the technical cooperation between Teleste and Samsung Electronics has resulted in a jointly-created solution that offers hotels with existing coaxial infrastructure a smooth transition into all IP services. This will present the market with a solution that enables hotels with coaxial infrastructure – approximately 80% of the European market – to manage Samsung Smart Displays using Teleste’s DAH Solution. Clients will now be able to purchase a Samsung display with a built in DOCSIS modem, thus removing the significant challenge of managing extra hardware, with the associated cost.”