Al Jazeera launches audio app for hard-to-reach areas

Al Jazeera audioNews service Al Jazeera Network has launched a new audio web app to give users in low-bandwidth regions access to a live audio stream of the Al Jazeera TV broadcast on their devices.

According to the broadcaster, the service will help Al Jazeera reach new audiences where low Internet speeds limit access to video. The primary markets being targeted are Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia which will provide live broadcast content from Al Jazeera Arabic and English.

Ibrahim Hamid, Director of Enterprise and Digital Platforms at Al Jazeera Media Network said: “The launch of our Al Jazeera audio streaming service will give new audiences the ability to listen to the live broadcast of our English and Arabic channels. This service adds to our commitment of developing compelling digital experiences for those in areas with low-bandwidth Internet connections in markets such as South-East Asia and Africa.”

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