SES launches new data network

Astra ses antennasSatellite operator SES as launched a new satellite data network, SES Plus, based on its partnership with Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite operator O3b Networks.

The system will combine SES’s geostationary satellites with their wide-beam coverage and upcoming high-throughput capability with O3b’s MEO craft to offer a range of options for data markets.

SES’s first Plus product, Enterprise+ Broadband, was launched across five markets in Africa in November. Offering up to 1Gbps of connectivity, it is described by SES as a competitively priced flexible connectivity platform that has a plug and play offering, with pay-as-you-go options.

“SES is a leading video satellite operator, but our expertise goes beyond providing services to video customers. Our new data network, SES Plus, highlights the strengths of SES as a data satellite operator. We go beyond building a new ground infrastructure and new satellite architecture of GEO, MEO and HTS beams, to deepening collaboration with our customers to design customised and differentiated products that will enable them to excel in their markets,” said Ferdinand Kayser, Chief Commercial Officer at SES. “The first Plus product is already out in the market, and already we are hearing positive feedback about how this high-speed broadband platform is essential to the countries in which we are operating. That aside, our teams are working around the clock to develop more much-needed customised products to deliver more connectivity.”

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