GS Group unveils Ultra HD set-top box

GS Group's GS A230 set-top box

GS Group’s GS A230 set-top box

Russia’s GS Group has unveiled what it claims is the country’s first TV set-top box to support 4K, Ultra High Definition TV.

The General Satellite-branded GS A230 box comes with two integrated DVB-S/DVB-S2 tuners, a WiFi modem, an internal 1TB hard disk and supports 4K video playback on Ultra HD TV sets.

It also has the new standard HDMI 2.0 multimedia interface needed to watch Ultra HD TV using a wired connection to a UHD TV-set, and comes with two USB connectors for media playback from external sources.

“The launch of such a complex and advanced product as the GS A230 UHD set-top box, completely developed and produced in Russia, demonstrates how competitive Russian producers are in the global market,” said Andrew Bezrukov, director for strategic marketing, GS Group.

The GS A230 set-top box will be available to buy at the end of the first quarter of 2016 through retailers that sell General Satellite consumer electronics, and was first displayed to the public at the CSTB Telecom and Media international exhibition and forum in Moscow last week.

Russia’s leading satellite TV provider Tricolor TV – which GS group typically supplies equipment for –  already offers Ultra HD channels to its subscribers.

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