TDG: smart TVs the preferred streaming platform

TDG smart tv ott tv streamingOver-the-top video users prefer to watch using the native connectivity of a smart TV, rather than other TV streaming devices, according to new research.

The Diffusion Group (TDG) study said that despite the widespread availability of inexpensive TV streaming devices, 32% of OTT TV users preferred watching direct via a smart TV.

Game consoles came in second place and were favoured by 25% of OTT TV users, while internet set-top boxes were preferred by 17%. Meanwhile, streaming sticks and Blu-ray players were selected by just 10% of OTT TV users.

“With smart TVs, viewers are not required to manually switch inputs from the TV to another device or pick up a different remote in order to access their favourite streaming apps and programs,” said TDG director of research, Michael Greeson, explaining the results of the research were down to ease of use.

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