TDC pledges Denmark-wide 1Gbps broadband in 2018

TDCTDC Group has pledged to give every Danish household access to 1 Gbps superfast broadband in 2018 as part of cable network upgrade plan.

Announcing its strategy for the next three years, TDC said that along with the upgrade it aims to offer 10 Mbps to “virtually all addresses in Denmark”, and 100Mbps to 70% of homes in the years leading up to 2018.

The telecoms group also said that in Denmark it will merge the two family brands YouSee and TDC – with YouSee emerging as the sole remaining brand.

It said it will carry out a “general simplification” of its IT systems, processes and procedures, which will reduce complexity for customers, cut internal costs and create agility.

“The decision to merge brands in the consumer market and simplify our business activities will enable us to streamline our business and the way we work considerably. It will make it easier to be a customer with us, reduce costs and also make it easier for our employees to perform at a high level,” said TDC Group CEO and president, Pernille Erenbjerg.

In Norway, TDC’s cable operator Get will increase its deployment of superfast broadband and launch a Get Mobil offering “in the near future”, according to the company.

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