Telefónica renews partnership with Sunrise

Telefonica buildingSpain’s Telefónica has renewed its partners programme agreement with Swiss service provider Sunrise Communications.

Sunrise, which offers a mix of TV, broadband and telephony services in Switzerland, joined Telefónica’s partner programme in 2011. The renewed agreement between the pair allows them to cooperate in exchanging know-own and around procurmenet of services, network equipment, IT and devices through Telefónica’s global procurement unit, TGS.

The pair will also explore opportunities to collaborate in areas including products and services to capture growth in the digital world.

“The extension of the agreement is proof of its past success. By accessing Telefónica’s capabilities and scale, Sunrise will increase its competitiveness and reinforce its ability to accelerate growth in its market,” said Elmar Grasser, COO of Sunrise.

“We are delighted with the successful evolution of our agreement and fully committed with Sunrise to continue working together in order to take advantage of our strategic alignment and keep creating value,” said Mario Martin, Telefónica’s group head of industrial partnerships.

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