Levira building new data centre

Estonian media services group Levira is building a new data centre at the Tallinn TV Tower. The 300 square metres centre will have the capacity for 50 server racks and will comply with international data centre standar4ds TIER and ISO 27002-2008, according to the company.

The new centre will be providing server and rack hosting services, and up to 10 GB of data communication links from five telecommunications operators. Levira will invest around €1 million in the development. The data centre will be completed in March 2016.

“By operating the whole infrastructure at the TV Tower, our clients get the best possible solutions: from a cold room to modern cost-effective cloud platforms that cover daily corporate IT needs in terms of office software, production and sales systems as well as developments,” said CEO Mart Einpalu.

“Until now we were operating six data centres but as their resources were close to full utilisation, the next logical step was to invest into a new data centre. So we developed a highly economical and cost-effective solution based on best European practices. The new centre will be expanded as the demand grows to meet the personal needs of every client in terms of security and availability,” said Margus Uustalu, head of cloud services at Levira.

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