More than half of new TV buyers plan to go 4K in Europe

Parks-Associates--4K-Purchase-Decision-and-ConcernsSome 54% of Western European shoppers who plan to buy a new flatscreen TV in the next year are willing to buy a 4K set, expecting more of this content to be available soon, according to new research.

Parks Associates claims that roughly 17% of broadband households in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain are planning to buy a flat-panel TV in the next year and over 50% consider 4K “an important or very important feature of their next model”.

The European study, which was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, found that, among broadband households planning to purchase a flat-panel TV, 59% in the UK, 57% in France, 53% in Spain, and 49% in Germany plan to purchase a 4K TV even though content is “not yet widely available”.

“European broadcasters like BBC and France Télévisions have been innovative in incorporating digital services to reach the public, so a spike in 4K set ownership could drive broadcasters to invest in new 4K media technologies,” said Glenn Hower, research analyst, Parks Associates.

“The entry of Netflix, Amazon, and other major players have created a crowded OTT market in Europe, and 4K could become a differentiator that broadcasters and media companies can use to attract viewers and even paying subscribers. It is never too early to plan for the 2018 World Cup.”

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