Com Hem takes TV remote to the smartwatch

Com Hem watch TV remoteSwedish cable operator Com Hem has developed a trial TV remote application for smartwatches, allowing users to control their TV using their Apple or Android watch.

The app enables viewers to pause TV shows or switch channels. The beta version, which has been developed for Com Hem’s TiVo-based advanced TV platform, also enables viewers to browse between channels and view programme information. The Android version also allows users to select channels using voice commands.

“The growing interconnectivity of multiple devices and screens brings new opportunities for how we consume television. At Com Hem we are constantly looking at how consumer needs are evolving, and we are investigating how wearables can enhance the television experience to make it more fun and simple. This trial is part of that effort, “said James Lowther, acting commercial and product director at Com Hem.

“We are still in the development stage but we believe wearables can make controlling your TV easier and more convenient. This is a prototype; if there is an interest among our customers, we will launch a live version.”

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