LG to unveil ‘Super UHD’ TVs at CES

LG's new UH9500 TV

LG’s new ‘Super UHD’ UH9500 TV

LG Electronics will unveil a new premium line of High Dynamic Range-capable 4K Ultra HD TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

The ‘LG Super UHD’ TVs will lead the company’s 2016 4K Ultra HD TV lineup for the US and have been designated by the electronics maker as ‘HDR Plus’.

The TV maker said that HDR Plus combines ‘Ultra Luminance’ and ‘Color Prime’ technologies to heighten HDR performance compared to HDR compatible sets.

The Super UHD TV line consists of series – including the UH9500, the UH8500 and the UH7700 – and will be available in screen sizes ranging from 49-inches to 86-inches.

LG said the new TVs will offer LG’s “most advanced LCD/LED picture quality ever” with expanded colour capabilities, advanced picture and sound-enhancing features. The 2016 UHD TV lineup also comes with the newest generation of LG’s webOS Smart TV platform, webOS 3.0.

Select models from the new 4K Ultra HD TV lineup will begin shipping in the US in early spring.

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