Fifth of millennials watch over 10 hours online content a week

State of online videoSome 19.3% of millennials now watch more than 10 hours of online content per week, according to new research by Limelight Networks.

The US-based content delivery network’s State of Online Video report said the December 2015 figure marked a 22.8% increase in the proportion of millennials watching over 10 hours of web video a week compared to April 2015.

Limelight said that the viewing habits indicated that millennials are “binge watching more often than their other demographic counterparts”, and said people this age consume “significantly more” online video than the rest of the population.

While 23.9% of millennials reported watching 1-2 hours of online content per week, among people in other age groups this figure was 40.1%. Just 10.4% of non-millennials watched more than 10 hours of web content per week.

Some 72% of millennials also reported subscribing to at least one pay online service, like Netflix or Hulu, compared to 51.9% of older viewers.

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