Verizon adds DVR streaming to Fios mobile app

Verizon is adding new features to its Fios Mobile App, allowing customers to stream DVR-recorded shows outside of the home, anywhere they have an internet connection.

For the first time, viewers will also be able to watch every live TV channel in their plan through on their mobile device while at home.

The new Fios Quantum TV Mobility features are available to customers with both Verizon’s Fios Quantum TV and Fios internet service.

“The latest innovations of the Fios Mobile app are how today’s consumers want to watch TV and view content. These new features allow our customers to take their home Fios TV experience with them and to enjoy it whenever and wherever they go,” said Susan Retta, vice president of consumer marketing, Verizon.

Fios Mobile App users can also access thousands of on-demand titles, use their mobile device as a Fios TV remote and set parental controls.

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