TiVo Research partners with NBCU for Olympics measurement

Tivo realitymineTiVo Research and RealityMine are partnering with NBCUniversal to provide cross-platform measurement of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

TiVo’s research arm and technology company RealityMine will analyse how viewers who opt to take part of the study will watch NBCUniversal’s Olympic content across multiple devices – including TV, mobile and digital.

NBCUniversal will use the research to improve its cross-platform measurement and better understand consumer consumption, according to the company.

“What makes the Olympics such a notable research environment is the enormous amount of consumer activity on multiple platforms for a nearly three-week span, enhancing our ability to measure behaviour and detect trends across time,” said Alan Wurtzel, president of NBCUniversal Research.

TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said: “This is a significant research advancement, which we believe will become a new multi-screen measurement standard.”

The research will look at the relationship between TV viewing and tablet and smartphone use; how viewers engage with content outside their home; the impact of social media on the consumption of Olympic content; and the effectiveness of advertising on all NBC Olympic platforms.

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