TiVo: 61% of millennials stream content regularly

TiVo ResearchSome 61% of millennials regularly access streaming content on services like Hulu and Netflix, according to new research by TiVo.

The DVR-maker’s Third Annual Millennial Video Entertainment Survey said that millennials – people aged 13-34 – use streaming services more frequently than any other age group.

Only 51% of ‘generation X’ (people aged 35-49), 39% of ‘baby boomers’ (aged 50-68) and 26% of the ‘silent generation’ (aged 69-74), stream content on a regular basis, according to the research.

TiVo found that though millennials still consume TV shows more than any other type of video content, they are not watching the content from traditional pay TV providers.

Just 40% of millennials reported regularly using a pay cable, satellite or telco TV provider to watch TV – down 3 percentage points from 2014.

“While every generation prefers TV programming, the places they access that programming vary significantly,” said Frank Foster, senior vice president and general manager at TiVo Research.

“Contrary to claims that millennial media behaviour is driven by life stage or income, it appears that their media consumption preferences are simply different from those of previous generations.”

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