Fibre ups its share of Portuguese pay TV

Fibre networks served 761,000 Portuguese pay TV customers at the end of Q3, up 29.5% year-on-year, meaning that 213.9% of all TV customers receive their service over a fibre network, according to figures compiled by regulator Anacom.

Cable continues to serve the most subscribers overall, accounting for 38.9% of the total, while DSL networks account for 21.6% and dTH for 17.5%. DTH was the only technology other than fibre to grow in the quarter.

Some 85.5% of homes took a subscription service, up from 82.3% a tear earlier, with 87% taking TV as part of an integrated service package.

Nos was the biggest pay TV operator, with 43.7% of the market in September, followed by Meo with 41.1%, Vodafone wth 9.6% and Cavovisão with 5.4%.

About 15.5% of subscribers took premium services, down 1.5% quarter-on-quarter.

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