Liberty Global’s Swiss unit to drop Cablecom brand

Eric Tveter

Eric Tveter

Liberty Global’s Swiss unit is to abandon its Cablecom brand and adopt a unified brand positioning with Austrian sister unit as UPC.

The Swiss and Austrian companies, which were merged into a single organization a year and a half ago, will now operate exclusively under the UPC brand. Both companies will adopt the iridescent flower logo used by UPC in other territories.

In a letter emailed to customers and contacts, UPC Cablecom CEO Eric Tveter said that multiple “developments and improvements show that UPC Cablecom is no longer the company that Cablecom once was. We have worked hard and now we deserve to be free of an old legacy.”

Tveter said that when he took over at Cablecom in 2009, many customers “had abandoned the company for good reason and even just mentioning the name Cablecom was enough to leave people shaking their heads” but that Liberty Global had since invested over CHF1 billion in the company’s network and services. He said that the company now stood for “customer focus, technical excellence, good value for money, innovation and the best TV entertainment” with a customer satisfaction rating currently at a level of 8.2 out of 10.

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