O2 Czech Republic to launch new OTT set-top box

O2_Czech_Novy_STBO2 Czech Republic is due to launch a new streaming set-top box that will make its O2 TV Air service available to customers regardless of their broadband provider.

The new box will let viewers access 58 channels from the O2 TV Air service – including networks like Disney Channel, National Geographic and AMC. Six O2 Sport HD channels will also be available.

O2 Czech Republic’s chief marketing officer, David Duron, said that the new box had been in development for almost a year and that the device will let viewers “enjoy all the comforts of O2 TV on your big screen at home”.

The new set-top box is due to launch on December 1 and will cost CZK2,136 (€79). Users can connect the box to their TV set via SCART or HDMI cable. O2 recommends viewers use the device with a broadband connection that is at least 6Mbps.