HbbTV Association welcomes Freeview Play launch

Freeview Play on Panasonic Image SideThe HbbTV Association has welcomed the recent launch of Freeview Play in the UK, which is built on the HbbTV 2.0 standard that was released earlier this year.

Freeview Play lets viewers access advanced TV services like catch-up TV from broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Channel 5 and supports the development of a range of features including HTML5 user experience and support for Ultra HD and HEVC.

“The HbbTV Association celebrates last month’s successful launch of Freeview Play, which was co-developed and co-marketed by Digital UK and Freeview,” said Klaus Illgner, chair, HbbTV Association.

“HbbTV 2.0, released in February of this year, paves the way for the creation of new services which will delight and excite viewers and these features can be seen in Freeview Play.”

Ilse Howling, managing director of connected TV at Digital UK, added: “Freeview Play brings the natural next step in television and is now available on a range of Panasonic TVs and digital recorders from Humax, with more manufacturers set to launch products in 2016.”

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