Millennials are sticking with TV, say industry bodies

Millennials are continuing to watch large amounts of TV, despite the widespread assumption that they are migrating to other screens to consume audiovisual content, according to statistics compiled by a group of TV trade associations and media sales houses to mark the UN’s World Television Day.

According to the data from 10 countries including the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK and France compiled by the Platform for European Promotion of TV (PEPPTV), TV viewing is the dominant form of video consumption in millennials’ lives.

In the US, 18-24s watch an average of two hours, 33 minutes of TV a day, while 25-34s watch an average of three hours, 50 minutes a day. In the UK, 16-34s watch two hours, 23 minutes of linear TV on a TV set a day, while in Germany, 18-34s watch two hours, 21 minutes of TV a day. In Belgium, 12-24s watch one hour, 29 minutes of TV a day, 10 minutes more a day than in 2010.

TV viewing remains the dominant form of video consumption. In Germany, 74% of 14-29s’ video consumption is accounted for by TV, while only 26% is accounted for by online video. TV content accounts for 70% of 15-24s’ video consumption in France and 65% of 16-24s’ total video consumption in the UK, compared with 7% for YouTube and 4% for subscription viceo-on-demand services such as Netflix.

In Canada, 18-34s spend 7.6 times more time watching TV each week than they do on YouTube, 17 times more time with TV than with Netflix and 3.3 times more with TV than they spend on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined.

The TV set remains the principal device for the consumption of TV content. In the UK, 70% of 16-24s’ total video consumption – 65% of which is TV – takes place on a TV set, while in Germany, 76% of 14-25s’ total video contact continues to happen on the TV set.

In an average week, TV reaches 89.9% of 16-34s in the UK, 77% of 18-34s in Germany, 64% of 15-34s in France, and as much as 96.1% of 18-34s in Canada.

The compilation also found that TV advertising is effective. In the UK, 16-24s find TV advertising more enjoyable, memorable and humorous than any other media. Some 54% enjoy TV advertising, compared to 16% for social media, while 69% say TV advertising makes them laugh, compared to 24% for social; and 73% say TV advertising is memorable, compared to 17% for social media.

The PEPPTV used a range of sources including Nielsen, BARB, AGF/GfK, Audimetrie, Numerous, TNS Convergence Monitor, Thinkbox, ComScore, Kantar Media, TNS Gallup and others to build their statistical picture.

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