Conviva: one in five will quit poor streaming experience immediately

Conviva consumer researchUp to one in five viewers will abandon poor streaming video experiences immediately, while the same proportion will never return to a particular service once they have had a poor experience, according to to consumer research from data analytics specialist Conviva.

According to Conviva’s OTT Beyond Entertainment customer survey, over 90% of viewers actively choose to return to services that deliver a superior experience.

According to the research, 17% of viewers will give up a bad viewing experience due to buffering immediately, while 59% will wait for some time for buffering to cease and 24% will wait as long as it takes for the problem to cease.

Excessive stream interruption will result in 25% giving up immediately, while only 17% will wait as long as it takes for the problem to cease.

While viewers across all content genres are intolerant of stream interruptions to a similar degree, different genres result in different levels of tolerance to buffering, with most tolerance being granted to entertainment programming.

While 20% of viewers will never return to a service with a bad viewing experience, , 62% will give the service one or two more tries. Of the remainder, 9% will persevere over time while 9% will persist no matter what.

Fifty-two per cent of viewers said they would not remember a bad experience, while 48% said they would. When consumers have a choice between services, those who remember a bad service will overwhelmingly choose another service.

Conviva found that those over 45 were most likely to abandon a poor viewing experience immediately than millennials, with the youngest age group of 13-17 year-olds least likely to tune out.

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