Telefónica unveils ‘world first’ three-in-one home gateway unit

HGU_0Telefónica has unveiled a new home gateway unit – an all-in-one box that combines the functions of fibre optical network unit, router and video-bridge.

The device, which Telefónica claims as a “world first”, is the first fruit of the group’s creation of a new structure of ‘global centres’ focusing on technical transformation. The first part of a three-phase plan has seen the creation of the company’s Global Device Development Centre, Global Operational Support Processes and Systems Centre, and Global Energy and Rentals Centre.

The three-in-one device will enable users to “use Telefónica’s full fibre capability”, according to the company, improving their connectivity and reducing power consumption.

The HGU is now commercially available in Spain, currently in Madrid, Levante, Murcia and Andalusia, for new fibre connections of any speed (30 or 300Mbps) or upgrades from Movistar ADSL to fibre. By the first quarter of 2016, the new device will be available in all the cities and Telefónica facilities in Spain.  It is due to arrive in Brazil and Chile in the first half of next year.

For current Movistar customers in Spain, who already enjoy Movistar services with other devices and connectivities of 30 or 300Mbps for fibre, Telefónica will also make an offer available whereby they can swap their current device for the new HGU.

The HGU delivers 802.11ac WiFi connectivity thanks to a partnership with chipset specialist Quantenna Communications. It includes six internal antennas – four for 5GHz Wi-Fi and 2 for the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

The device also includes integrated VoIP, four Gigabit Ethernet ports and a Broadcom chip for GPON to deliver connectivity of up to 1Gbps.

Taiwan-based Askey and Mitrastar contributed to the hardware and software, and Spain-based Mormedi contributed to the design.

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