Net Insight to launch OTT product

Per Lindgren

Per Lindgren

Video transport infrastructure provider Net Insight is launching itself into OTT delivery with a focus on live content.

Without giving details, Net Insight said it would “take a leading role” in eliminating “the disconnect between the primary and secondary screens” caused by the delay in delivering live video over OTT.

The company said it conduct a live online demonstration of its solution on November 17.

“OTT TV has fundamentally changed the media landscape, but few have been able to monetize these new changes, especially for live content,” said Per Lindgren, senior vice president of strategy & business development at Net Insight.

“With Net Insight’s ability to deliver true live OTT services, new business opportunities arise tied to viewer engagement and interaction. This is an industry game changer that enables content owners and service providers to fully monetize the high commercial value of live content and restates the broken promise of a social and interactive future TV experience.”