New Apple TV has ‘huge first day’, says Tim Cook

Apple CEO, Tim Cook

Apple CEO, Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that its new, revamped Apple TV had a “huge first day” after it starting taking orders for the device at the start of the week.

Speaking on Apple’s fiscal fourth quarter earnings call, Cook said that the company would bring its Apple Music service to the new Apple TV device beginning this week and that the new iPad Pro would begin shipping next month.

“We want to provide the same innovation in the living room that we delivered in our iOS devices. People are already watching more TV through apps today and we think apps represent the future of TV,” said Cook.

The Apple boss said that fiscal 2015 was Apple’s “most successful year ever, with revenue growing 28% to nearly US$234 billion.” This, he said, was a result of Apple making the “best, most innovative products on earth”.

For the quarter ended September 26, 2015, the company posted quarterly revenue of US$51.5 billion and quarterly net profit of US$11.1 billion.

Apple unveiled its next generation Apple TV device in September and starts to ship the device this week. The new box will run on the new tvOS operating system, based on Apple’s iOS, allowing iOS developers to create new apps and games specifically for Apple TV.

Other new features include a new touch-surface remote control with built-in Siri voice commands, which lets users search for TV shows and movies across multiple content providers by title, genre, cast, crew, rating or popularity.