PCCW launches new OTT TV service

Hong Kong-based telecom service provider PCCW’s media arm is launching a new OTT TV service, Viu, next week. The service, initially available in Hong Kong, will progressively be rolled out to other Asian markets including India and the Middle East.

The launch of Viu OTT builds on PCCW Media’s investment in mobile video platform Vuclip, which has over eight million customers across 10 countries.

The service offers access to content from multiple sources in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan on multiple devices.

“We understand that users want to keep up with the most current content with quality localization in their own language. Therefore, in meeting viewers’ needs, we are committed to offering the best localized version of the latest programmes. Users enjoy absolute freedom and flexibility with Viu OTT video services. They can watch their favourite shows anytime, anywhere and even on the go. By delivering direct to users engaging legal content, Viu OTT video service aims to set a new standard in OTT video landscape with further rollout plan in the region in the coming six months,” said PCCW Media managing director Janice Lee.

“We expect significant interest from users who will become premium subscribers as well as advertisers keen to reach the mass of millennial generation who remain captive engaged audience for Viu OTT video service.”

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