GoPro pledges US$5 million for content in awards scheme

DCIM266GOPROCamera maker GoPro has pledged to give up to US$5 million (€4.4 million) annually to content creators as part of its newly-launched GoPro Awards scheme.

The firm said that the Awards programme will reward the GoPro community for sharing their best GoPro photos, raw video clips and video edits, with the company – which will include it in GoPro Channel programming, licensing and more.

GoPro said it is looking for content that “emotionally engages, amazes, or excites” across a variety of genres including adventure, animals, family, motorsports, music and travel.

“Our customers are some of the most creative people on the planet. A key component of our programming strategy is user generated content,” said GoPro founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman.

“GoPro Awards creates exciting opportunities for our customers. Whether it’s helping them monetise their content in the form of financial rewards, helping to license their content to other businesses, or helping them get more exposure through our global social and media distribution channels, we’re dedicated to sharing with our community. We believe this program enables our customers to further pursue their passions.”

GoPro launched an on-demand channel – consisting of GoPro-shot content – on the Roku streaming platform earlier this year and in July launched a content licensing portal, aimed at global advertising brands and agencies.

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