DTG calls on BBC to champion tech innovations

BBCThe UK’s Digital Television Group (DTG) has called for the BBC to champion innovation and open standards in digital and wireless communication technology.

In its response to the UK government’s consultation on the BBC’s Charter Review, the DTG said that it believes the BBC should play a leading role in the UK and in global forums related to technology standards, best practice and the optimal use of spectrum.

The UK digital TV standards group called for the BBC to “retain a critical mass of technical knowledge and excellence” to support the deployment of infrastructure and systems in the UK, supported by an external technical advisory board.

It also said that the BBC should continue to support open technology standards, technical interoperability management and promote innovation through open collaboration with the industry.

“The BBC is a globally-respected organisation which has played a leading role in innovation and defining technology standards and best practice through open collaboration,” said DTG CEO, Richard Lindsay-Davies.

“The DTG believes that the BBC should continue to be able to do that, with the support of advice from the digital and wireless communication technology industry.”